The Family Society Salomon and Lydia's Descendants...

...was founded in 2008, at the time of our first family reunion at Skeda. The society has three main purposes:

- to administer the documents that are left from Salomon and Lydia Lindman, their children and grandchildren;
- to create new and re-create old relationships whithin the family in Sweden, US and Canada;
- to finance the costs of the website.

The society has no membership fee, but every member is expected to give a contribution once in a while, to our account in Swedbank, clearing number 84178, account number 841831894 (don't forget to write your name). You become a member when you participate in a family reunion. If you didn't participate the last time but still want to be a member, you just contact Prime Mover Hans Teke and it won't be a problem. A membership includes everyone at the same address. As a member you will get our membership letters.

The family society is currently resting.