Anna Wennberg (1889-1988) was the oldest daughter of Salomon and Lydia. A number of times she was interviewed about her life, as she sat in her rocking-chair at Skeda gård. The first time was in 1965 when her son Gösta taped a long conversation with her, which he followed up with another interview in 1980. Those conversations became the basis of an essay that he later wrote about his mother, also containing extracts from the diary that she wrote in her youth.

In the summer of 1986 she was interviewed once again, this time with her granddaughter Birgitta Mossberg holding the microphone. The result was two cassette tapes filled with memories from a life of almost a hundred years. 

 - From “Anna Wennberg (1889-1988)” by Gösta Wennberg (1993) 
   Part 1 
   Part 2

- From Conversations with Birgitta Mossberg (1986)


Translations by Hans Teke with assistance by Dick Ring.