Lund, February 11, 1912

Dear Anna!

Thank you for being so nice and remembering my [20:th] birthday. Down here I got flowers from my admirers, even Bosse sent me the most lovely yellow roses. Moreover I have greatfully gotten Fredrik's nice card and ask you hereby to say thanks to him.

And now I can tell that your beloved sister Greta yesterday was asked if she wanted to take part in the Olympic games in Stockholm this year in a female gymnastics group. Of course I would like to but for this matter economy and G.L. [Gustaf Lindman] are things that make a difference. It's a memory for life having been a part of it and those games only appear in Sweden every 40:th year. And so auntie Greta will be able to tell Anna's small children how things were in her age at the time for the Olympic games. Yes, why don't you speak to G.L. We will have free travels and free accomodation but the food maybe we will have to pay ourselfs. The exercises start one mounth before the display. Then we can write on our personal cards: The Olympics etc. Greta Lindman. Not bad, is it?

Gunnar Serner and I have now broken up for the very last time, not as before just to go back together, but for ever and ever. The only thing that annoys me is that I gave him the pillow for Christmas. This Tuesday I will go to Malmö and talk to the doctor and the Traveling agency, but when you have no money you cannot take care of yourself, can you. I have asked our Uncle for some. The apples weren't frozen, quite the opposite!

Everyone give their regards! [...] Sam Ask is now at the poorhouse and Margit Palmgren and mr Rydeman are having a divorce. Thank you for your kindness.

Yours sincerely Greta