My dear Fanny!

It was very long since I wrote a letter to Fanny. This Christmas was very empty after Daddy. We had such a great time when Daddy was alive, but this Christmas wasn’t as fun as the one before.

I will tell Fanny what I gave Mommy for Christmas. I gave Mommy a stool, embroidered with cherries in the middle, and a little bird. I got for Christmas present a wrap, a little lamp, a book with the title Höga berg och djupa dalar, a couple of baskets for pottery, and a little toilet ash, a little wooden basin, a rack for matches by Nathanael.

Soon Augusta Sandberg will have a wedding. She and captain Törnblom were here this Tuesday. I have nothing more to write to Fanny, but a warm greeting from brothers and sisters and Bengta from Fanny’s sincere friend

Lydia Andrén                                                                       

Lydia’s parents Olof and Mathilda 
with their oldest daughter


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