...which took place at Skeda and Rosenlund in August 2019, are on the Family Blog.

When the next reunion takes place depends on what ideas come up and what initiatives are taken.




Photo: Rainer Ulonska

...took place at Skeda gård in Rydaholm, Sweden, July 30, 2011. We were 39 people which is the largest number of participants hitherto. After having coffee in Skeda's garden, we went down to the veranda of the cottage, where speeches were made by Hans Teke, Dick Ring, Marita Tidlund Lindman and Eva-Karin Strand Wåtz. The first theme was Kerstin Lindman, whose son Torsten she gave away when he was just born, and whose descendants in his branch we haven't had contact with until 2008. Torsten's oldest daughter Marita now finally got to meet her uncle Dick from Canada - a meeting which was emotional and touching (it's fascinating what family research and modern technology can do).

The other theme after lunch was Ellen Lindman, Salomon and Lydia's daughter who just lived to be 12 years old, but (in the notes left from her) shows a great potential as an author. Hans Teke talked about her, read aloud a short story that she had written, and diaries. Ellen also, during her short life, made rebuses that the audience in the veranda tried to decode.

The family reunion ended with a potluck at Skeda's groundfloor. Hans Teke made a short speech where he, among other things, expressed the wish that next family reunion would take place in either US or Canada.


- The family tree where everyone filled in their names Photo: Rainer Ulonska
- Dick and Marita Photo: Eva-Karin Strand Wåtz
- Gathering in Skeda's garden Photo: Rainer Ulonska
- Gathering in the veranda of the cottage Photo: Rainer Ulonska
- Hans shows the exhibition Photo: Eva-Karin Strand Wåtz
- We listen to Marita Photo: Eva-Karin Strand Wåtz
- Hans speaks about the family Photo: Rainer Ulonska
- Lunch in Skeda's garden 1 Photo: Rainer Ulonska
- Lunch in Skeda's garden Photo: Rainer Ulonska
- Lunch in Skeda's garden 3Photo: Eva-Karin Strand Wåtz
- Talking to Dick 1 Photo: Rainer Ulonska
- Talking to Dick 2 Photo: Rainer Ulonska
- Descendants gathered after dinner 1 Photo: Rainer Ulonska
- Descendants gathered after dinner 2 Photo: Rainer Ulonska
- All gathered Photo: Rainer Ulonska



Photo by Jennifer Ring.

The first reunion of the Canadian branch of Salomon and Lydia's descendants took place in the home of Barbara Young in Toronto, July 11, 2009. The purpose of the reunion was to give the Ring and Young cousins (children and grandchildren of Lousie, Ted and Dick Ring) a chance too meet again after many little years of very little contact.

After having lunch in Barbara's garden, everyone gathered in the basement, where speaches were made by Amelie Mossberg, Hans Teke and Dick Ring. Thereby, the Canadian branch became well informed about their Swedish roots and about the family story we have in common. The reunion, which had 22 participants, was very much appreciated and our family society got seven new members (descendants with families).


- Jennifer and Dick Ring (photo by Kerstin Ring)
- Michael Ring, Amanda Young and Julian Weinrib (photo by Kerstin Ring)
- Sienna de Bartolo and Kyla Weinrib (photo by Kerstin Ring)
- Barbara Young welcomes the guests (photo by Amelie Mossberg)
- Lunch in Barbara's garden 1 (photo by Jennifer Ring)
- Lunch in Barbara's garden 2 (photo by Jennifer Ring)
- Lindy, Sandy and Nancy Young (photo by Jennifer Ring)
- Kerstin Ring, Hans Teke and Jennifer Ring (photo by Amelie Mossberg)
- Filling in the family tree (photo by Kerstin Ring)
- Gathering in the basement (photo by Amelie Mossberg)
- Hans Teke speaks (photo by Kerstin Ring)
- Amelie Mossberg and Hans Teke explain the family connections (photo by Kerstin Ring)
- Group picture (photo by Jennifer Ring)


Photographer at the family reuinon: Rainer Ulonska 

On August 2/08 some 30 people, descendants of Salomon and Lydia with spouses, gathered for a most enjoyable reuinon. It took place at Skeda gård, Rydaholm, Sweden, wich has been a meeting point for the family since the 1940's. In the veranda of the cottage, where we still have Lydia's furniture, we had an exhibition of pictures, letters and other things of interest. We shared our information about the Lindman family, about Salomon and Lydia and our memories of their children and grandchildren.

The family reuinion ended with dinner at a long table at Skeda's upper floor. At this dinner a working group was formed, consisting of Hans Larsson, Anniqua Lindström, Anita Råsten and Hans Teke. The task of the group was to administer the original documents that we have, to solve the economical issues and to plan and organize the gatherings that hopefully will take place in the future. One thing that interests us very much is to get to know our relatives in Canada and US better.


- Coffe in Skeda's garden
- Conversation between Anniqua Lindström, Mikael and Amelie Mossberg
- Conversation between Hans Larsson and Ulla Wennberg
- Lunch at Skeda's upper floor (1)
- Lunch at Skeda's upper floor (2)
- Hans Teke speaks about Lydia's life
- Anita and Malin Råsten study a photo album
- Ulla Wennberg and Anniqua Lindström study a photo album
- All gathered (group picture)
- Margareta Teke and sisters organize the dinner
- Dinner at Skeda's upper floor, Hans Larsson speaks

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